18 Beautiful Open Kitchen Shelving Ideas

1. Open Shelving in Your Kitchen

Among the simplest and also most cost-effective methods to upgrade your cooking area is to nix some upper closets and change them with racks rather.

Whether you’re budgeting for a full-blown remodel or you just want a small update, these kitchen area shelving suggestions will help steer you in the ideal direction.

2. Integrate Live-Edge Shelving for a Rustic Look

Drifting racks in a farmhouse-style kitchen are often made from tarnished or redeemed timber, which looks great in many areas. Yet suppose your style is a little bit more on the edgy or diverse side?

Live-edge racks are pieces of wood where several of the bark is still noticeable, which will add an extra rustic appeal to your kitchen. Though they will cost you more than basic timber shelving, the upgrade will certainly become a deserving declaration piece in your kitchen area.

Drifting Live Edge Kitchen Racks from DIY in PDX

3. Alternating Open Shelving With Hanging Storage Space

In many circumstances, open shelving borders an array hood evenly on both sides so the whole look feels in proportion and also well balanced. However, take into consideration switching over up your kitchen area storage by rather opposing some open shelving with hanging storage space.

4. Make Open Shelving Work in a Corner Room

It’s very easy sufficient to run open shelving along an entire wall surface and stop it at the end. Rather, think about developing an ideal angle as well as using the corner space, also. Because a lot of corners are reasonably hidden from sight, utilize this space for microwaves and also other much less appealing kitchen gadgets.

Ways to Take advantage of a Tiny Cooking Area from Make+ Haus.

5. Transform Shelving Into an Open Pantry.

If you have an extra wall in your cooking area yet no pantry, this solution is suitable. Open up shelving jobs best when it’s only partially concerning design as well as more regarding function. This task will aid you keep a more well organized kitchen, and also the presence will certainly aid you recognize precisely just how much you have actually left of certain dry goods.

6. Add Open Shelving Over the Sink.

In many standard kitchen area layouts, there is a shorter closet placed above the sink. To create an extra ventilated feel, get rid of that cabinet and also select a couple of well-placed shelves instead. This area is an ideal storage space for recipe soaps and also anything you do not mind being exposed to moisture from the sink. Several houseplants will certainly grow in this place.

Hillside Kitchen Area Remodel from Studio McGee.

7. Save Cash by Getting Rid Of Cupboard Doors.

The most convenient means to update your kitchen area without going through an entire remodel is to get rid of the doors from existing cabinets. To include more of a wow-factor, consider repainting the interior of your cabinets a different shade.

A Kitchen Update from Perfectly Imperfect.

8. A Number Of Well-Placed Shelves Go a Long Way.

A great deal of people think when they include open shelving right into their cooking area, they have to include lots of racks. This isn’t the situation. A number of smaller sized racks that occupy the room of one cupboard will certainly make a considerable effect on the room. This concept functions well for those who desire the appearance of open shelving but less commitment in relation to cleaning and also styling them.

9. Use Open Shelving to Develop a Coffee Shop.

If you wake up every early morning seeking a mug of coffee, consider utilizing open shelving to produce a coffee shop in your kitchen area. This project can be as basic as adding a number of shelves over the coffee pot or as fancy as the configuration shown here.

10. Reconsider What Open Shelving Need To Resemble.

Remember, open shelving isn’t limited to farmhouse design. There are numerous methods you can make shelves to fit in with your details aesthetic. For an extra modern-day look, consider gold and brass coatings in even more geometric patterns.

Designing Open Up Kitchen Area Racks from Addison’s Paradise.

11. Restyle Cooking Area Shelving Usually.

Possibly the most fun and difficult component concerning open shelving is the designing. As soon as you master how things team with each other, styling comes to be less complicated as well as much more enjoyable.

A couple of ideas to remember :

Maintain your color scheme simple for a more streamlined look.
Add in greenery using houseplants with varying structures.
Group things in collections of three.
Make certain there is a variant of heights so your eye is drawn across the entire rack.


Property holders can apply excellent inside plan ideas to their kitchens. Kitchens can be given a much more vintage or an entirely radical plan, whichever matches the proprietor’s identity and also inclinations.

Each residential property holder needs their kitchen to look like the one they locate in the inside plan publications as well as layouts. That fantasy isn’t tough to complete. A home holder can even have a kitchen that looks above envisioned demonstrations with watchful arranging.

The initial step is to choose the cooking area cabinets. Kitchen area cabinets are in excess of a storage room as they communicate a solid private articulation of design and also taste of the mortgage owner.

Kitchen cabinets are never ever once again restricted by outline and also shading. There are great timber, fiber and different gauged plans accessible. Cupboard setup is reliant on the cooking area stylistic theme style, material, colors, entrance design as well as frill.

The rural plan necessarily is uniting nation style furniture and also current cooking area stylistic layout. It’s an ideal merging of design by joining existing technology with excellent nuance. Individuals will certainly really feel inside a provincial domain signed up with by most recent technology giving it the creative rural inclination.

The shielding plan represents the deciding minute an inside summary. Country kitchen area trademark shielding strategies are included tones of red, orange as well as gold. Orange shading is stated to be the craving stimulant as well as relief manufacturer.

The flooring ought to be identified with tough wood and also metal copper tones to give it a Mediterranean ambiance. Divider painting must detail the all-natural strategy feeling.Home proprietors can attempt orange, red, shades of gold, olive green as well as darkest shades of Tuscan design furnishings.


I saw a sneak optimal of this kitchen on the instagram web page of deVOL cooking areas as well as I quickly enjoyed it (like so many of their cooking areas) so I was extremely happy to discover even more images of this space.

This kitchen in a Victorian rectory seems it’s been part of the home for years, however actually it’s an all new kitchen created by deVOL.

The dark blue cooking area as well as green walls offer a classic vibe as well as the terracotta flooring provide lots of appearance to the area (LOVE the little detail before the cooker!).

There’s likewise place for some enjoyable in this kitchen area with the soft pink dessert wallpaper, yummie! The large copper topped kitchen table is aged as well as hand-finished in the deVOL workshops, which brings a lot more character to this wonderful kitchen area.


Oh my gosh people, today is the freakin’ day! I’m so fired up to reveal you the entire Do It Yourself cooking area remodel. You understand what else? Today, notes the 40th time I have actually uploaded about our kitchen. There are 39 blog posts connected at the bottom of this blog post that round up all the Dos it yourself and also design boards that entered into this tiny kitchen renovation. So, if you desire a few of the core how-to’s for the room, remain tuned as well as click below.


The backstory of our budget plan kitchen area improvement in a nutshell is this … We decided that we were going to lightly upgrade the cooking area regarding 3 years ago. “Lightly” definition, remove wallpaper, paint, include new lighting … you know, that type of thing.

Well, we did a few of those things and then started tacking on a few more. All of sudden, Luke came home from work one day and I had taken the kitchen cabinets off the wall. I just knew that I wanted kitchen shelves instead of cabinets! To be completely honest, we had not saved for a kitchen renovation because we weren’t planning on doing a kitchen renovation.

As we kept dreaming or doing about projects, we realized that we could have a pretty fantastic (it might not be my dream kitchen, but it’s close) kitchen if we took it slow and just paid for products as we had the cash for them.

That’s why this project has been the longest project ever. I think the next time around (for example, our basement remodel) we will have a more clear picture of what we want to do beforehand and how much it’s going to cost. I can totally live through a one year project but I don’t want another project to span over the course of a few years. Live and learn, right?


This was the view standing in our eat-in kitchen and looking into the kitchen.

A small pantry sits inside that vertical cabinet but it had a separation between the two sides which made it awkward to store things in. The desk was just a clutter trap for us. There was a small doorway between the kitchen and the formal dining with two mini doors. The doors seemed to add to an already awkward space and made the formal dining seem much too formal for us.

We decided to get rid of the desk, move the oven to where the desk was and reconfigure the wall that would house the oven. That would enable us to open up the wall between the formal dining and the kitchen.

Here’s a very similar angle of where we are now:

We gained about two more feet by opening up that wall, but you would have thought it was six feet! It made a huge impact!

I knew from the previous pantry that I wanted a pantry that would be more usable. We don’t have a ton of kitchen items. We are more of the mindset to have a few amazing knifes and pans instead of having just tons of both. Of course we needed storage, but I didn’t feel like we needed to have storage everywhere.


Like I mentioned earlier, we didn’t know we were going to do the whole kitchen remodel until we were in it. We really had to do one thing at a time and make one decision at a time.

The first thing that we did was take down all the upper cabinets and remove the bunkhead. Once the cabinets were down and the bunkhead removed, we realized that our kitchen could feel so much more inviting if the window above the sink was larger. Enlarging a window is a decent investment but really changed the look and feel of our kitchen.

We opted to put in a five foot window. It’s so nice to see more of the backyard and enjoy the yummy light that streams through the window.

Before the renovation started, we knew that we had asbestos in the popcorn ceiling. We had to put in new drywall because there wasn’t any drywall above the cabinets when we took down the upper cabinets. We love the look of a smooth ceilings but didn’t want to shell out the money to have the asbestos abated. My grandpa had a popcorn sprayer (from the old days when he was a home builder). We sprayed popcorn and tried to match the color that was there but it just wasn’t working. So, a few months passed and we were able to afford the asbestos abatement and drywall install. It was a pretty big investment, but totally worth it.


We kept the original cabinets (in the peninsula) as well as the granite countertop. Neither one would be my choice, but we were trying to save where we could. I get lots of questions on what kitchen colors work with dark cabinets and, really, I feel like cool tones and warm tones both work. We have cooler tones on our ceiling and wall tile and warmer tones with the wood shelving and the countertop color.

For the base cabinets, we painted them Cracked Pepper by Behr but color-matched that to Benjamin Moore Advance. The BM advance line is fantastic on wood. I did a whole podcast episode about how to paint cabinets and everything I ‘d recommend if you want to hear in-depth about cabinet painting.

My grandpa and I built the base cabinets that flank the oven, the fridge enclosure and the pantry. It was quite the job. I learned so much through the process and am so grateful that I got to do that with my grandpa. During the process we went back and forth on the cabinet doors. We finally decided to buy them from a cabinet shop in town and it made sense to buy them for the whole kitchen and not just the new pieces. If you want to hear more about half custom/half DIY cabinet doors, then definitely check out that post.

We saved the leftover piece of granite from the old desk that was in the kitchen and had a granite store cut it in half. We used that measurement for the base cabinets that flank the oven. We saved a ton of money by making the dimensions of the cabinets fit the exact dimension of the granite piece that we had from the desk. I believe it cost us about $100 at the stone fabricator to have the granite countertop cut to size and polished when it was all said and done.

We saved a ton of money using the old kitchen cabinets that were in the peninsula. They aren’t fancy with pull-out drawers but they work. Adding the new doors and cabinet hardware really changed the look of the cabinets. The new doors allowed us to change to hidden hinges which instantly make a kitchen (or bathroom) feel fresher.

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I knew I wanted floating shelves in the kitchen. I wasn’t scared of the dust that might accumulate or the lack of having upper cabinets, I knew the open shelves would be gorgeous and functional. I have a HUGE DIY Open Shelving Kitchen guide that explains exactly how we hung them, how high off the countertops they are, what type of wood (ash wood stained with weathered oak stain), hardware we used, etc. Take a look, if you are thinking about adding open shelving in your house. In a nutshell, we hung steel mounting brackets for the open shelves before we tiled.

We tiled around the open shelf brackets and then took the brackets down for grouting. Once the tile was completely done, we installed the floating shelves.

Tiling the kitchen wasn’t hard but since we tiled from countertop to ceiling on three big walls, it did take us quite a while. We used very inexpensive 4 × 4 white tile. The square tile is a play on the timeless look of subway tile but just a bit different. The grout color is “oyster gray.” I like the look of dark grout with white tile in other people’s homes, but didn’t want the starkness in my home. I honestly didn’t think a taupe-type color of grout would look good, but I really love the slightly warm, but gray color that it adds to the tile.

We opted to buy pre-mixed grout so we could tile a bit at a time. It’s way cheaper to mix your own grout but if you only have small pockets of time to work on tiling, then the pre-mixed grout is a good way to save time.


I guess the last “big” expense or project for this kitchen renovation was adding the wood flooring in the kitchen. We had 3 ″ red oak wood floors originally in the kitchen and the eat-in kitchen but not throughout the rest of the house. The flooring difference between these spaces made each space feel closed-off from each other. Since we opened the wall between the dining room and the kitchen, we knew we either needed to patch the floors or have new flooring installed. We opted to have new flooring installed throughout most of the house. We went for 5 ″ white oak and I just love how it turned out.

Other than that, we did a bunch of smaller upgrades. Our DIY pantry now has a built-in coffee bar and also houses our microwave. It’s not the biggest space but it’s mighty. I made a spice drawer organizer for one of our small cabinets and it was the easiest DIY!

For our sink, we went with a stainless one-basin sink and absolutely love the one-basin. I splurged on the automatic faucet. You can run your hand over the top and it will stay on for thirty seconds or underneath and it will stay on for ten seconds. I really love that!!

I couldn’t find a specific art piece that just felt right for us so I decided to make one. “It’s Always Taco Tuesday” is such a perfect piece for us. If you love it too, I’m selling them in my Society 6 shop!


We did most of the work on the kitchen ourselves, but did hire out the asbestos abatement, gas line, wood flooring and window enlargement.

I know you all will ask “how much did it cost”? To be honest, we didn’t keep a tab. We started the process and didn’t know we were going to do a whole kitchen renovation. I think we spent in the ballpark of $15,000. With all new appliances, the asbestos/drywall work, new flooring and a new window … that all came to around 12,000. I think we spent the rest on all the other little things that go with a renovation. I will have to say that the total includes the eat-in kitchen too.

Check out the original reveal of the eat-in kitchen if you missed that last year or check-out the newly updated modern eat-in kitchen as it looks today.

I’m so happy to have this remodel behind us. It was the biggest job we have ever taken on and we are just absolutely thrilled with how it turned out. Really, we are pinching ourselves that it turned out as well as it did!

Eating Office Chair Tips: Which Type Best Suits Your Room?

Whether it’s an unscripted lunch time or even a splendid Christmas feast, your dining room is where you compile your favorite folks with each other. Acquire every person sitting pleasantly as well as create your decoration as well as sample a (free, naturally) topic of conversation thanks to your eating benches.

From contemporary and present-day designs to retro as well as vintage styles, our experts’ll help you select the best furniture for the feel you intend to make. Our company’ll additionally help you see just how you may accessorise around your table to improve the look you are actually going for.

Don’t experience down if your dining-room performs the small edge either. Our company’ve obtained suggestions on how to bring the very best out of a restricted area. The styles our company have on call are actually all wanted to give you a relaxed chair in addition to superb aesthetic appeals. So whatever the event is that has you at the table, you and also your attendees will be eating high on the hog.


Modern eating chairs for contemporary dining-room

Modern eating office chairs are actually found in an intriguing range of shapes. They usually include slim, efficient shapes with decorations kept to a basic minimum. Bent, soft back forms also crop up consistently. This allows all of them to fit effortlessly into open program spaces, so they’re ideal for kitchen area happen dining-room if you possess a minimalistic layout.

Wish to add an industrial character to your dining-room? Totally metallic models or barrette metal lower leg layouts will certainly suit or even develop that feel. The clean linear lines of slimmer metal bases will definitely slot into all sort of modern rooms. Plastic buildings additionally abound in modern eating office chair styles; they’ve come a long way in appearances and also can be molded into all form of preferable forms. They are going to create a location quickly experience more present-day. For one, if you have a simple timber dining table you can utilize plastic seats to offer the dining room a fresh and modern-day structure upgrade. They also offer up a large assortment of hues (from grayscale to brilliant as well as vibrant) if you intend to mix and match some colour into your design.

Modern styles in metal, plastic and also other materials may not be merely best for generating unusual designs and also silhouettes. These designs likewise have excellent feature to select the kind. Therefore while they create design declarations, you’ll additionally take pleasure in using all of them to rest and also eat each day. No interest has been spared to ensure that their comfort is actually matched through their standalone elegant.

Another beauty of present-day layout is actually that it is actually not bound through just about anything. You can likewise possess contemporary types and forms in typical products. Bent timber specifically is a staple used for eating chairs. It is actually manufactured through wetting lumber by means of saturating or steaming to make it extra pliable. After that, it is actually rounded to develop those hassle-free, minimalistic outlines in the lovely feel and look of timber.

The most ideal seats for an old-fashioned dining-room

Ever before desired to tip (or even sit) back over time? Seek to retro dining benches to provide your furnishings a vintage feel.

Upholstered concepts along with metallic or timber structures are a signature retro design. You may locate cushioned seats that are actually colourfully covered along with a structure to contrast with the chrome metal structures. A cantilevered seat (where there’s a tubular steel that sustains you rather than 4 lower legs) is a quick and easy technique to direct 70’s type. Furthermore, you can easily opt for vivid material or even white colored eating office chairs with the unmistakeable warmth as well as woody tones coming from hardwood structures and also legs.

If the seats may not be entering a currently retro-styled dining-room, a first step to create the vibe could be to have a retro-feel lighting right above the dining table. Around the area, presume high contrast colours and bright metallic appearances. You can easily accessorise even further through dangling a looking glass with a by-gone era structure also. (Consider an elaborate or rounded looking glass design for instance). And also benches at your dining table, workbenches can likewise take a retro touch to any dining room. They’ll rest charmingly alongside opulent styles with wooden legs. Bring all of it home by dishing out on retro porcelains (blue and also white ceramic is constantly a prime alternative listed here).

Classic eating chairs for a traditional look

Oak eating office chairs as well as pin back designs are going to carry a timeless, rustic sense to any type of space. Spindle backs (recognisable due to the spaced out upright rods in the rear remainder) are actually quite functional and also will definitely partner with a variety of desk designs. A ladder back style (where there are actually straight slats at the rear end) is actually likewise a traditional office chair option. Its own convenience additionally lends on its own to large selection of décor choices.

You can also be a little daring with either type and pick the exact same style in a range of colours. Hardwood surface by itself takes warmth to a space. If you possess other wood furniture, a combination of wood tones can possess an engaging impact. It likewise works excellently in tandem with various other materials. Wood and wire are actually classic partners that take an old, coastal feel with their texture mix.

Mid-century modern-day dining chairs are actually a vital insides trend and will elevate any kind of area stylishly. They are actually recognisable by their minimalist shapes and also clean lines. Hassle-free, moulded plastic back-rests along with slender or even geometric metal bases prevail designs. (If it’s certainly not coming to mind, think about the 1960s home furniture in the extremely well-known series Mad Men). Type as well as functionality were critical at that time and also it is actually been actually enhanced currently with contemporary ergonomic desk knowledge. You’re guaranteed an exceptional anatomical fit so you can easily sit lengthy and conveniently. There’s also strong colour selection; decide on a collection of white eating office chairs for a monochrome decor plan or develop a vibrant blend of different hues.

Exactly how to choose the best armchairs for your dining room

Whenever preparing for any type of brand-new household furniture, the mantra is actually regularly ‘gauge painstakingly’. Guarantee your brand-new chairs are going to suit all around your dining table and into the space.

Space not massive? No worries. Just ensure to choose chairs that could be easily stashed to reduce mess. And also armchairs, workbenches will definitely likewise work effectively in tiny dining-room. They may be handily concealed away and also can easily squeeze even more folks in. Stackable and folding layouts are likewise best for little spaces. In addition to being stacked up off the beaten track, folding chairs may likewise be actually linked on the wall structure when they’re not in use. It’s also a good opportunity to illuminate the space along with different colours.

Another choice for smaller sized rooms, is actually going for a bench instead. It will put completely under the table and will certainly generate a lot even more space in the space, for when you’re certainly not using it. It’s also an ideal answer for when you entertain larger events, as more people can match onto a bench. For an extra casual appeal, benches are actually a great means to create a whole lot additional room in a less formal style.

Vivid colours are going to function well along with glass tables, and also in a small space they’ll enhance illumination. Around tables are actually not only excellent selections for tiny spaces, yet are also the most affable possibility. You can easily maintain a couple of collapsible office chairs stacked away in a cabinet prepared for extra visitors so you’ll always be ready to hold.

It’s worth considering that your frequent dining table attendees are actually heading to be also. Upholstered concepts might not be perfect if you possess little ones or host all of them routinely. Smooth surface areas like plastic and hardwood are actually simpler to rub down as well as always keep clean after splillings.

Additionally, consider what seats may agree with your desk. A glass desk design will certainly complement metal office chairs to offer an industrial sense. They’ll also port stylishly in with a wood best desk along with metallic lower legs. If it’s even more rustic or even hacienda table, classic seat designs along with spindle backs can easily end up that look. Minimalistic or even Scandinavian-inspired tables set outstandingly with efficient modern and mid-century chairs.

Letting your dining table and also seat rest on a rug is actually an additional sophisticated secret to accessorise the area properly. Complement your rug and table forms for sameness or mix it up if you choose. Also in a small room, a rounded table can easily become so much more of a display through placing it on a rug. It is actually an excellent technique to include additional colour as well as structure to your dining-room too. Make sure there is actually 24 ins (61cm) free each edge so you (or even visitors) do not travel as you stand up coming from the dining table. We’ll offer you yet another critical idea keeping that too, don’t purchase any type of carpets that are actually also fluffy. They take in roaming crumbs as well as our team do not want to help make any more household chores for you.

Together with being actually a pleasant decoration addition, a counter does wonders for company. Stash dishware, tableware and also linen unseen but nearby. There are actually an assortment of styles too. Therefore, you may maintain your minimalist artistic along with a gloss white colored design or even keep up a rustic feel by selecting a warm-toned oak item. Their bests are also prime for showing adornments, photos and flowers for finishing contact. The wall surfaces as well as ceilings can also assist the appeal you are trying to achieve. Selecting a modern feeling? Try hanging present day artwork or printings. Industrial character? Try a copper or metal lighting fixture. Desire to improve the area’s lighting? Get a looking glass or more as well as it’ll illuminate where you consume and delight.